Ali Arnell: from corporate to casual with a twist style

I had a wardrobe audit and personal shopping experience with the Wardrobe Detectives and loved it. Gabi and Julia taught me a lot about where to shop, what to look for and how to put different pieces together.

Ali Arnell, Senior Associate at PWC Canada

DSC09127-3My Wardrobe Detectives experience started when Gabi and Julia came over to my apartment for a wardrobe audit. It was a lot of fun going through my closet together with them and putting together difference outfits that I would never have thought of, getting rid of old clothes (we all know we need help with this) and picking out missing pieces. It was really helpful to identify different items of clothing that I was missing from my wardrobe in order to tie different pieces together. I know we are all guilty of buying a shirt/dress/skirt and never knowing what to wear it with after we bought it. After the wardrobe audit we went shopping. Gabi and Julia took me to different stores that were within my price range and taught me how to look at the quality of the clothing as well as the material it is made of before buying it. Gabi and Julia are very knowledgeable and took the time to get to know my personal style, budget, and goals. Thank you Wardrobe Detectives!