5 myths about having a personal stylist

Every woman has those moments when she struggles with her style decisions.  How many times did you get the awkward feeling when you have nothing to wear with a full closet? A personal stylist can show you how to curate a functional and versatile wardrobe. However, during my experience as a personal stylist in Calgary, I have discovered that people have hesitations when it comes to booking an appointment. Here are 5 myths about having a fashion consultant I would like to break.

  1. It feels awkward when a stranger comes into my personal space and judges my wardrobe. It may sound scary at first, but at the end of the wardrobe audit people feel like a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders. A true expert will always make sure this is a fun and engaging activity rather than an intimidating one.Calgary personal stylist
  2. The personal stylist will throw my clothing away. A stylist’s job is to help you evaluate your closet. The final decision on keeping or saying goodbye to a certain item is absolutely yours. I can encourage you to donate or consign a certain piece that might not fit you properly or is outdated. But rest assured, I will never push you to get rid of something.
  3. Personal shopping is an expensive service. Having a personal shopper is not an exclusive service for rich people. Paying for a stylist’s services can help you save in the long run. Think about those tons of items you’re constantly buying without wearing. A good stylist will always negotiate your fee and will work according to your budget. One of the basic principles of my work is value. I always get the best for less.Calgary personal stylist
  4. A stylist will only consider expensive high-end boutiques. A professional can help you refresh your wardrobe for less and will show you the spots where you can get the best deals. For example, you could mix a good designer bag from a luxury department store (hopefully on sales) with some basics from a fast fashion retailer. I am also a big fan of outlets like Winners or Marshals. The deals I usually get there are incredible.
  5. I am not going to look like “me”. A stylist’s goal is to make you look like the best version of yourself. A professional will always consider your preferences, your style, and your expectations when building your image.

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