Lauryn Zhukrovsky: running a fashion business in style

Running a start-up in the fashion business is not easy. We know it from our personal experience and we can tell you that besides the hard work and the commitment, it implies a sharp image and a strong sense of style. What is it like to plan your daily outfits when you have a child to take care of, a few meetings with vendors and fashion events you have to attend? We found out from our friend Lauryn Zhukrovsky, the founder of, the largest online luxury consignment store in Canada.

  •  On her personal style. My personal style is classic with an edge – I love timeless pieces such as a Burberry trench, a pair of classic Louboutins or a Hermes silk scarf mixed with a contemporary spike necklace, converse runners or a leather jacket.
  •  On her fashion&beauty routine. My beauty routine is pretty quick and simple – I used Eminence facial products,  an organic line from Hungary that smells amazing. For my hair, I use BB products as well as anything that helps me keep it as short as possible. I cut the majority of my hair length off last year to a long bob which I love, but it is top bun mandatory when you are a busy mom and business owner. Lauryn Zhukrovsky
  • On being a mom while keeping up with fashion. The difficult part about becoming a mom is your body type constantly changing, I opted for looser fitting items with clean lines to not look too frumpy but also to have some room to grow/shrink. You also learn that white will not be an option for the foreseeable future, I did not give up my ripped white boyfriend jeans this season, though, but I did buy a big bottle of bleach!
  • On how her business influences your style. I get to see a ton of great pieces come through our warehouse exposing me to other people’s style and personalities. This influences me to look at picking up pieces that I never expected to. A lot of our clients also shop elsewhere so I get to see pieces from L.A. or New York that didn’t make it to the Calgary market.Lauryn Zhukrovsky
  •  On shopping. Well, the obvious answer is, but before we launched in April 2015 I did a lot of shopping on consignment websites out of the US. It was partially this that inspired me to start my company, our dollar tanked & the shipping and duty on top of it made it anything but a good deal!
  • On comfort vs. style. They are one and the same for me if I am not comfortable in what I am wearing it will completely throw my day off. There are certain items one must compromise for, like a great dinner shoe – shoes you go from the car, to seated at the restaurant, to the car and home again in. We have a beautiful nude Jimmy Choo pump & a Prada staffing black pump that fit that category right now. Lauryn Zhukrovsky
  • On her style icons. I don’t have a style icon per se, I take inspiration from people around me as well as bloggers. Off the top of my head Katrina Olson, Sincerely Jules & Chelsea Kindrachuck are great inspiration for me, they all have an effortlessly chic look with an edge that I love.
  • On the role of clothes in her life. Clothing plays a huge part in my life, it is something that can help alter my mood or give me a needed pick me up on a down day. When I was young someone wise once said to me you can never be sad in pearls, red lips and Chanel. lauryn zhukrovsky
  • On functionality. I am constantly juggling play dates, emails, going to the warehouse, an exercise class, a meeting, a lunch / coffee date (or wine), getting dinner ready, etc…  Style needs to be functional and versatile, the best way I have accomplished this is an outfit you can dress up and down with a change of shoes & a jacket. I have done many outfit changings in the car.
  • On your favorite items. One of my favourite items is my Chanel boy bag, I am also obsessed with anything grey & burgundy this season!