The art of looking FABULOUS for under $50

I always thought that style is not necessarily about craving for expensive designer clothes. While I made my way into fashion, I’ve learned from my experience and from the best french girls out there (hi, Ines) that confidence is the ultimate accessory to your outfit. If you don’t have it, you might as well put the most luxurious styles on you, they will still make you look doubtful and insecure. I am not saying that a good designer bag is not a great asset to your wardrobe or that designer shoes are not worth the money. Damn right they are. I am just trying to point the fact that you can always mix and match high end with high street items and look fabulous. After all, the most stylish women out there admit that they mix Chanel with Zara. And this is the main lesson we try to teach our clients – the secret of smart shopping.


There are certain items in my wardrobe that I take pride of. And I don’t mean Jimmy Choo or Celine. Let’s agree, it’s easier to find a beautiful pair of shoes if you plan to spend a few hundred bucks on them. But what about finding a fabulous pair of nude sandals for only $13 or looking cool in a pair of Forever 21 boyfriend jeans for only $30? I can’t even recall how many times I have been asked “Is that Marni?” or ” Is that Brunello?” about my cheap and chic items. The secret is simple. You need a keen eye for detail and a great intuition when browsing. Make sure that if you pay less you don’t get the worst quality. It’s obvious that you won’t find a great silk blouse for a few bucks, but you can always get a good cotton tee for this money. I call it the art of looking fabulous for under $50. And here is how you can make it work with a selection of 50 items under $50.