Inside Michele Beitel’s fabulous closet

We are happy to announce a new section on Wardrobe Detectives. Since we started our website, we had a chance to discover a lot of stylish people in our community. We want to celebrate their style, their point of view on fashion and their fabulous collections of what we love most here – clothes. We want to celebrate Our People. Please welcome to the fabulous closet of our first guest Michele Beitel, mom, businesswoman and a great wife. DSC02557-2-web-1

On her closet…My closet was a fun renovation project that took on a life of its own. The more I researched the more it evolved. Every bit of available space was used making it not only elegant but functional. In the end, it was exactly what we wanted, a mixture of masculine and girly spaces and enough storage for all seasons for past, present and future sizes that I have a hard time parting with! you just never know…right?!



On colors and prints…99% of us can pull off black and have the majority of it in our closets, make sure to add a pop of colour with a red lip, a patterned, edgy or bright pump. A statement jacket that makes you stand out and feel confident. Everyone has at least one colour that compliments their personality.


michelebeitel-16On her inspiration…A mixture of Katherine Hepburn on her strong masculine dressing and the classical elegance of Grace Kelly with a modern twist killer shoes and my daughters approval.


On her personal style…Depending on my mood and my day, I can be casual and playful in jeans and vibrant patterns or colours. Most of the time I just like to look classy and put together.


On shopping…whether it’s for a certain item, a particular event or a new season and trend, it is interesting to see the creativity of designers! The leading edge in styles, how they are marketed and displayed. I could make shopping a job I would love and be pretty good at! I think my friends would agree! michelebeitel-12

On her collection of shoes…Shoes never let you down, they are a piece of art for your feet, there are new styles, a new piece of art for every season.


On her daily dressing routine…Keep it simple and elegant.michelebeitel-13On the power of the clothes…If it fits well, and you like what you see in the mirror an outfit makes you feel empowered and confident.