How to style your FEDORA hat

The fedora hat has secured its place as a highly loved accessory. We won’t say that it is necessarily an item every woman should have in her wardrobe but we can say that it is for sure worth giving it a try. I personally consider myself a fedora’s fan as I believe that it easily adds a glamorous and playful touch to the simplest outfit you can wear. Whether you choose a wide or a narrow brim it will serve as a perfect accessory to spice up your daytime look. It is quite important to feel your best when wearing it. We find it absolutely wrong when women push themselves on wearing certain things only because it is trendy. It has to blend with your personal style and personality. Select the style that makes you feel confident and comfortable or give up on it if you feel the opposite. See below my go to fedora hats.

This camel fedora is an ideal accessory for the chilly weather. I love pairing it with my casual assembles. 

This hat I found in the men’s department was a great addition to my wardrobe. It is extremely easy to style it as it goes well both with heels and sneakers.