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Calgary interior decorating

I have always believed that fashion and interior decorating are intrinsically connected. The way we dress is reflected in the way we live. As I enter my clients’ personal spaces during my visits, we always explore home decor ideas that would resonate with their personal styles. Like fashion, your home is an essential reflection of your personality —a haven to reconnect and unwind. Embrace this connection between fashion and interior design, and let me help you take your style ambitions to a new extent.

Reach out to me so we can chat more about:

  • layout & decor ideas 2-hours consultations
  • budget-friendly quick room makeovers
  • interior design mood boards & planning
  • decor & furniture shopping for your home, office, or business
  • sourcing for unique vintage & antique pieces
  • dinner concepts & events decor
  • tradeshows booth decor & commercial styling

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