wardrobe audit

  • We start building your new style with a comprehensive assessment of your wardrobe. A detailed evaluation of every single item will help us identify your power pieces and introduce them in every possible combination. Together, we also figure out which items do not fit your lifestyle and personality and recommend you a helpful solution for them. After our wardrobe audit, you get a full list of complementary items that you miss for a functional wardrobe, a lot of new information, and a digital lookbook with all your new outfits. (Can be booked separately or with another service. ≈ 3-5 hrs.)

  • Get ready to enjoy an amazing shopping experience with the Wardrobe Detectives. We will show you the best shopping spots in town where you could find the specific items you need according to your budget. Moreover, we will be there to guide you and help you make the best choices.  In a busy environment like this, we value your time and we are open to shop for you, making sure you get the best experience. 

the Ultimate (1)

  • After the shopping session, we will go again through the items you own and show you how to match them with your new findings, building new fabulous outfits for any occasion. You will be amazed to discover how versatile your new wardrobe will be. 


  • Do you have a wedding, a gala, an interview, a charity fundraiser or a corporate dinner to attend? Our Special Events package is the answer to all your style related concerns. We start with a short coaching session about the specific dress code recommended for your upcoming event. Then, we build together the best suitable outfit according to your personal preferences. This is a fixed priced package that includes shopping & make-up and hair recommendations.


  • As the head of a successful company, you probably understand the importance of clothing in a business environment. Our corporate styling classes are a great opportunity for your organization to embrace a specific business-related dress code. Your company’s employees will learn fast the basic meanings of professional dressing and will understand how to use them properly in order to achieve higher professional goals.


Gift certificates available upon request.  (non refundable)