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I like to think that a good outfit is like a fine wrapping on a great gift. How we dress is a matter of good manners – caring for how we present ourselves in front of our peers, family, and colleagues and overall how we want to be perceived in society.

My 15 years of experience as a fashion stylist enabled me to build a trusted and tested three-step makeover method that helped hundreds of clients look and feel better. My approach is simple yet effective: edit, shop, style, enjoy. Whether you prefer to experience the full style makeover or focus on one service alone, you build your own package. Together, we will arrange a bespoke transparent plan that suits your needs and budget best. Discover below how I can help you define a personal style that reflects who you are in three easy steps. Learn more about my fashion stylist services, and contact me to find out how you can benefit from working with the top personal stylist in Calgary. 



Hundreds of women and men have significantly benefited from my tested and trusted complete style overhaul. Why go through a total makeover? In over 15 years of experience as a personal stylist, I’ve developed an easy “edit, shop, build” method that works wonders. My clients feel fulfilled and complete when I provide them with a gallery of outfits for every life occasion and a well-organized closet. A tidy and practical wardrobe is the key to stress-free mornings. You’ll never have to worry about what to wear again. But more than that, I have witnessed it, and I can attest that this life-changing experience will boost your confidence and empower you to act and present yourself better.

STEP 1: WARDROBE AUDIT 2 -3 hrs session

If you want to book a wardrobe audit, you can do it as a standalone service or as part of my tested and proven three-step makeover process. To begin with, I will ask you to fill out a new client form that contains a range of questions to help me get to know you better before our wardrobe edit session. We will meet at your place for a two-three hours complete review of your wardrobe. Here is how it works:

We will begin with a brief introduction to help me better understand your lifestyle and wardrobe needs for different occasions like work, leisure, family activities, travelling, etc. We will dive into the process with a detailed analysis of your body proportions and silhouette using my unique Vetruvian method that I invented after more than 15 years of working as a personal stylist. Based on the assessment, we will discuss what styles and shapes to pick and which to avoid. As a personal stylist, I find that often, my clients talk too much about their body flaws and things to hide or mask, forgetting about their assets. During the wardrobe edit, I like discussing both, focusing on the “sweet spots” and how to highlight them. As part of the body analysis, we will discuss your skin complexity, hair, and eye colour, which are fundamental in determining the colours and patterns that work for you.

As part of the second portion of the wardrobe audit, we will review every item in your closet, including accessories, footwear, and outerwear. Based on the conclusions reached during the body and lifestyle assessment, we will edit your items, creating three strategic piles: keep, donate, and consign. We will conclude with a shopping list of complimentary items for a functional, complete wardrobe.

If you book the wardrobe audit as a standalone service, we will wrap the session with a shop your-closet styling exercise. I will help you reinvent some existing items by including them in unexpected fresh outfits.

Personal stylist doing a wardrobe edit in Calgary

STEP 2: PERSONAL SHOPPING2 -3 sessions 2 hrs each

Rebuilding your wardrobe by filling in some gaps is the foundation of our process. How does a personal shopping session look? There are two scenarios. If you book it as a standalone service, you will fill in a new client questionnaire to help me better understand your needs. On the day of our appointment, we will spend 10-15 minutes to come up with a productive action plan (budget, shopping list, stores) and then jump straight into the process.

If you book the shopping session following a wardrobe audit, we will skip the introduction and jump straight to the action plan followed by the actual shopping session.

How do I work as a personal shopper? I like to browse the stores with my client present. This is an excellent opportunity to educate you about brands, quality, pricing, and value. Speaking of value. Value is my shopping mantra. I always aim to find the best value for your money. I stress this out every time I can:

Save more where you could so you can spend more where you should.  

What does my personal shopping process look like? We will browse the stores together, and you will try many styles so we can pick our best bets. We’ll use those fitting sessions in the changing rooms as educational opportunities. I will teach you my smart shopping techniques and approaches. You’ll learn to shop wisely under my careful guidance and constructive criticism. Where do I shop? Anywhere, from the mall to local boutiques, consignment stores, outlets, and online brands unavailable locally.


Following our productive shopping sessions, we will return where we started for the ultimate styling session. It’s a complex and engaging stage that wraps up our complete tree-step makeover. We will begin by organizing your new wardrobe using my intuitive-to-pick method. You will learn organizing trips and tricks to optimize your space and make it easier for your eyes and brain to pick up items and build outfits every morning.

The second part of our session will consist of building at least three functional outfits with each piece. This is the definition of a versatile wardrobe that I swear by. While building your lookbook, we will discuss the rationale behind each styling decision, and I will give you the opportunity to bring your input. I will take high-quality photos of each outfit so you can benefit from a cohesive guiding lookbook.

Optionally, you can order a bespoke printed hard copy album of all your outfits to have handy in your closet.

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