Calgary Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper

Welcome to Wardrobe Detectives! I am Gabi Conac, a Calgary personal stylist and personal shopper for women and men. With more than 10 years of experience and countless positive reviews from my clients, I have become the leading personal stylist and personal shopper in Calgary. It all began in 2013 when I moved to Canada and decided to continue pursuing my career as an image consultant. This is when I founded Wardrobe Detectives. Functional, versatile and affordable are three core values that define my approach to fashion and describe my company’s fashion styling services. Why do you have to work with me as a personal stylist? Find out below. 

Calgary Personal stylist and Personal shopper
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Gabi Conac is the leading personal stylist and personal shopper in Calgary.

As a personal stylist,

I firmly believe that having a functional wardrobe is one of the keys to achieving personal and professional success. Building a carefully crafted style can boost your confidence, reaffirm your skills and strengths, and help you make intelligent investments in your personal style, saving you time and money in the long run. Therefore, choosing the right personal shopper and personal stylist is the first step toward achieving your style goals. What does make my approach as a personal stylist special? 

First, here is more about me…

I am coming from a small Eastern European country called Moldova. One aspect of my cultural background is that you have to look good regardless of the occasion. My parents made fashion an essential part of my upbringing. I remember how we traditionally went to the local market on Sundays, the best occasion to dress up and socialize. My father always insisted that we would be tidy and dressed up in the nicest clothes.

Later on, while shopping with my mom, she would spend her savings on the most coveted outfits for both of us. What we could not find in stores, she would have custom-tailored for me – tartan pantsuits paired with wool hats, satin dresses worn with patent red shoes for special occasions and so on… Shopping options and money were limited in a post soviet country. That educated me to be creative and value-aware. One of my favourite spots to shop when I was a teenager was the flee second-hand market, where I would always find vintage Dior and Yves Saint Laurent gems.



My official relationship with fashion started ten years ago when I earned my Communication and Media Science Bachelor’s degree. My final paper centred on fashion as an interpersonal and business communication tool. Later, I continued writing about style, covering events, celebrity style, international fashion and shopping destinations. Likewise, I focused my career on styling workshops and helped private and corporate clients alike.

A new start as a Personal Stylist in Calgary

In 2013, I moved to Canada with my husband, starting a new chapter in my personal and professional life. Wardrobe Detectives came to light naturally when I realized I had to start it from scratch and continue my journey as a personal stylist and fashion consultant in Calgary. In just a couple of years, I advanced the brand and managed to help hundreds of clients achieve their best image. 

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More about Wardrobe Detectives

The best way to earn my client’s trust as a personal stylist and personal shopper was always to be transparent and open. As a result, the idea of a blog came to life. Wardrobe Detectives is an educative platform to showcase my style, vision and expertise. It is a source for my clients to understand if they identify with my fashion sense and taste. This blog is my official business card.

My mission as a personal stylist

Many studies have found that better-looking people tend to earn more and enjoy more success among peers within the workplace and business, as well as in their personal lives. I believe that each person is unique and has fantastic potential. My mission is simple.

I help clients shape their personal style and build a functional wardrobe by providing valuable, high-quality fashion-consulting services.

To sum up, here is how I make it happen. I assess the current status of your wardrobe and help you build towards a complete, versatile and functional style. As a result, you end up having a wide range of fabulous outfits for any occasion. It’s simple. 

So, what makes me different as a personal stylist and personal shopper in Calgary?

  • I have an innate European styling taste, focusing on classic pieces rather than passing trends.
  • In fact, I feel a strong aversion to trends and trendy seasonal pieces.
  • My post soviet upbringing led me to be versatile and creative throughout the shopping and styling process with my clients.
  • It also made me reasonably frugal. I love a good bargain when I can get one.
  • Having a stylish outfit is not enough. A good image will incorporate good quality pieces. My experience with both high-end and high-street brands taught me how to identify quality and value in any item I pick for my clients.
  • I am Eastern European. My clients know my communication style is always honest and straightforward while respecting one’s self-worth and feelings.

My 3-step guide to a functional style. Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper, and more…

  1. I find that most clients are more interested in my personal shopper and personal stylist services. I suggest approaching the styling process step-by-step. Moreover, it’s important to start with an essential wardrobe audit. This will help me better evaluate your needs and develop a fully functional wardrobe strategy.
  2. The personal shopper service is probably the most requested and popular. While most people find it frustrating and overwhelming, I love shopping. Therefore, I will point you toward the most relevant shopping spots and help you find the most valuable items. As a result, this will save you days in the process and not break the bank in the long run.
  3. The personal stylist service will help you combine your items into great outfits for work, meetings, official events, leisure and other important occasions.


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