“Gabi is a master at “The Look For Less.” She styled me for an event and I was complimented more than ever before on my outfit. Also, people kept asking, “Who are you wearing?” Little did they know it was Zara and H&M! The exercise of pairing down your wardrobe is a game changer. Gabi will help you empty your closet of anything that doesn’t make you feel great and purchase key pieces to work with the items you have left or will eventually buy. You end up saving money in the long run because they make all of your pieces wearable. No more items collecting dust in the back of your closet. One of the best things about Gabi is that she is willing to respond to my texts at all times of the day and night. If I’m having trouble putting an outfit together, I simply text her some pictures and she will advise me. Sometimes while shopping, I text her a quick pic and she will help me to decide on a purchase. Priceless!” Carmyn P., business woman

“I am sure you know that feeling when you open your closet and you have nothing to wear or you spend hours shopping for things you apparently like and then never wear. I feel you. I got to the point I realized I was only buying things I liked but did not fit my body shape and my personality. In a short time, my closet became full of unnecessary stuff. So my dilemma was to either get rid of all of them and buy new clothes or get some professional help. I discovered Gabi from Wardrobe Detectives through her blog and decided to ask her for some help. As I live in Romania, the only concern was the distance and the time zone difference. A skype session seemed like the only solution. It was risky but it worked perfectly. I went through a very fun and useful experience. Not only you get to clear your closet and get rid of useless stuff, but you also get to understand exactly why certain items do not fit you, how to put together timeless basics that would make an impact, and how to define your own style. I could not possibly go wrong with editing my wardrobe and buying new items under Gabi’s guideline. She is easy to work and not pushy and she also knows how to suggest you only the items that would fit your preferences and your lifestyle. I thought the process would be hard online, but she made it so much easier with custom shopping lists from my local retailers and great advice. Her service is also affordable and not exclusive to rich people only. Thank you! I would highly recommend you to anyone.” Tanya C., make-up artist

” I enjoyed meeting Gabi and seeing her in action during my closet audit. It is a very personal space to invite strangers to step into. She was lovely and eliminated any awkwardness.The process of taking all the clothes from the closet was a new approach and the one I will employ often. I will include shoes and boots, and purses as I think this is a necessary step.I appreciated the candid approach used to help me eliminate items that I knew shouldn’t be in my selection, let alone on my body.” Sharon H., communication advisor

“I was getting back to work after a maternal leave and I had literally no idea what to wear so the decision to get some help came easily. While doing my research, I came across Gabi from Wardrobe Detectives. Her website really made a difference with useful and consistent information. I decided to go with her because of her focus on corporate style. Gabi was professional and not too pushy on my purchases and my decisions. She was really good with directions and suggestions. My budget was short but that did not stop us building my new style as she was really good with affordable fashion. Gabi will literally dig every pile of clothing to find you that perfect gem for as less as possible. The styling session was fun and knowledgeable. I ended up with a full lookbook of outfits to wear to work.” Kelly D., engineer 

“My Wardrobe Detectives experience started when Gabi came over to my apartment for a wardrobe audit. It was a lot of fun going through my closet and putting together difference outfits that I would never have thought of, getting rid of old clothes (we all know we need help with this) and picking out missing pieces. It was really helpful to identify different items of clothing that I was missing from my wardrobe in order to tie different pieces together. I know we are all guilty of buying a shirt/dress/skirt and never knowing what to wear it with after we bought it. After the wardrobe audit, we went shopping. Gabi took me to different stores that were within my price range and taught me how to look at the quality of the clothing as well as the fabric it is made of before buying it. Gabi was very knowledgeable and took the time to get to know my personal style, budget, and goals.” Ali A., accountant

“Gabi helped me out of my fashion rut by overhauling my wardrobe.  I couldn’t be happier with my newly organized closet. She also helped me pack for a recent vacation. She reviewed my existing clothing and we bought some additional special pieces. Then she took pictures of my outfits for every day of my trip. Not to decide what to wear on a vacation was extremely helpful and time saving for me. ” Sheila C. B., health and safety consultant 

I had the pleasure of receiving a gift for a consult with Wardrobe Detectives.  All I can say is the process was simply AMAZING!  Gabi was professional, knowledgeable and it was truly a fun and enlightening experience.  Gabi completely transformed my closet and wardrobe and provided many more options of stylish outfits that I had never thought of.  We also had the opportunity to shop together so that she could help me replace a few items and add items that were missing.  I will definitely be continuing to update my wardrobe with Gabi every year and would not hesitate to recommend her. ”  Sandy B., realtor

As my close friends know, fashion is not my thing and shopping for clothes always seems to migrate to the bottom of my to-do list. I recently reached out to Wardrobe Detectives to revamp my work clothing, which was looking rather dismal. Gabi did an amazing job, auditing my wardrobe, shopping for missing pieces and styling everything together, complete with photos. It’s been a few weeks and now and I’m loving my new work wardrobe. Everything works together, I feel more confident, look great and best of all getting dressed and out the door in the morning is a much faster process! Gabi was great to work with. She listened and created a wardrobe that works for me. She is knowledgeable, resourceful, creative, and super-efficient, staying well within my budget. I look forward to working with Gabi again. Pam M., Marketing Director 

I met Gabi for the first time in May 2017. Right away she put me at ease and we set up an appointment to shop for some classic pieces. My experience with Gabi was great. I had a good time shopping and getting some lovely timeless pieces to add to my closet. She also helped me style them and put them together with what I had. I would highly recommend her. She has a keen eye for what looks good and suits her client.Thanks, Gabi and hope to see you soon! Margaret C., businesswoman, philanthropist