5 myths about having a personal stylist

Everyone has moments when they struggle with their style decisions. How often did you get the awkward feeling when you have nothing to wear with a closet full of clothes? An image consultant will help you reevaluate your current sartorial status while curating a functional and versatile wardrobe to fit your needs. During my experience as a personal stylist in Calgary, I have discovered some preconceptions related to the idea of hiring a personal stylist. Here are five myths about having a fashion consultant I would like to break.

  1. “It feels uncomfortable when a “stranger” breaks into my personal space to judge my wardrobe.”  Though it might sound overwhelming at first, my clients feel a tremendous sense of relief and excitement at the end of the wardrobe audit. Nothing indeed compares with the sentiment of decluttering and preparing the slate to build new value for your self-esteem. A true expert will always make sure this is a fun and engaging activity rather than an intimidating one.
  2. “A personal stylist will dispose of my entire wardrobe. “A stylist’s job is to help you evaluate your closet. I always encourage my clients to donate or consign certain pieces that are outdated or don’t fit them properly. Keep in mind the final decision on keeping or saying goodbye to your things is exclusively yours. 
  3. Personal shopping is a costly service. Think about those tons of items you’re constantly buying without wearing. Investing in timeless and functional items will get you a lasting wardrobe to enjoy. Hiring a good stylist will help you save in the long run. 
  4. A stylist will only consider high-end boutiques. A professional can help you refresh your wardrobe for less and introduce you to the spots with the best deals. Additionally, upcycling is experiencing significant momentum now. Vintage and consignment stores are the new shopping cool to consider. I love a good hunt to get unique and affordable pieces with my clients. 
  5. I am not going to look like my new “me”. A stylist’s goal is to make you look like the best version of yourself. A professional will always consider your preferences, style, and expectations when building or refreshing your image.

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