The art of making affordable outfits look expensive

In their struggle to look stylish, many women spend a lot of money on expensive stuff. They are probably driven by the misconception that expensive means by default good looking. I am not saying that designer items are not worth the money. However, if one does not have a keen eye for beautiful fashion and a clear aesthetic vision, nothing can save the way they will eventually look. Believe me, I have seen so many people dressed head to toe in Hermes and Chanel who literally looked like they bought their clothes from a Chinese thrift store. On the other hand, if carefully chosen and worn, affordable fashion can pay off. So how do you build that balance and make affordable outfits look luxurious and expensive? I have a few pieces of personal advice for you.The art of making affordable fashion look expensive

The main secret is to balance your outfit and carefully put together designer fashion and cheap items. Never spend too much money on basics. You can get great quality at H&M, Gap and Uniqlo. You will not be able to make a huge difference between a cotton button down white shirt from, let’s say, Jil Sander and one from Uniqlo. By the way, I can’t wait for them to introduce online shopping in Canada. I got this leather moto jacket from Zara in Italy for 70 euros 4 years ago. The art of making affordable fashion look expensive

While you can cheat with a pair of Zara or H&M jeans, your accessories will make the difference. Elevate a basic denim – T-shirt combo with a pair of designer shoes for a refined and polished look. Plus, designer shoes are more likely to have a lower price point than a full designer garment. If you are lucky enough, you can get them on sales. Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, Farfetch and other luxury  retailers have great deals at the end of the season. I got this pair of Saint Laurent boots for about 300 CAD. It’s their third season and they still look like new. If you are still not happy with the prices, browse online luxury outlets like where you can get designer clothing for almost 80% off. The art of making affordable fashion look expensive

The art of making affordable fashion look expensive

Invest in fine jewelry that does not go out of style. You can buy trendy items each season, but a pair of gold or silver earrings will eventually pay off in time and will make great vintage pieces. Also, don’t forget, natural pearls are the epitome of luxury. The art of making affordable fashion look expensive

You can go along with a mid range bag from brands like Furla, Coach or Fossil. The great thing about these companies is that they are actually specialized in manufacturing leather goods and will offer you a decent quality purse for under $300. I got mine from Fossil for 170CAD.The art of making affordable fashion look expensive

Stalk the luxury department stores and literally touch fabrics and analyze styles. Then go back to your favorite fast fashion stores and buy something similar. And to be clear, I don’t encourage you to buy knock offs. It is about you developing that keen eye and intuition for choosing beautiful and great looking fashion for less. I got this very cozy tweed dress from Zara for only $12. The art of making affordable fashion look expensive

Pictures by Alex from Seven Circle Studio in Calgary. 

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