Styling Jen: Fall/Winter outfits for curvy-shaped women

I have been working with Jennifer for seven years now. We met when she reached out to help her build a wardrobe for her new entrepreneurial life. Many things are crossing a woman’s life – work, family, health, body transformations – they all cash in and eventually affect how your style transitions. We met again with Jen to regroup and rethink who she is now at this point in her life and how her wardrobe reflects that.

While focusing on a slower-paced work-life balance, we had to edit her wardrobe to a smaller, more compact and functional collection as she underwent life changes as an empty nester. Our goal was simple – retain the pieces that would intuitively still serve her well in her new life pace while saving space and keeping her mind at peace that she would have outfits to wear regardless of the occasion. Here is a list of goals we have planned for:

  • Less work outfits, incorporating pieces that she could wear outside of work.
  • A few dresses that would embrace her beautiful curvy silhouette and make her feel sexy, elegant, and bold while going out for dinners with her beloved husband.
  • Elevated casual outfits she would be able to wear in her new walkable community on a coffee run, meet up, or just a casual walk.
  • Perfectly planned and organized cocktail and black ti outfits for work-related functions and galas.


Shop Jen’s wardrobe below:

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