Clients: “Aristo-chic” Joanna’s skirt capsule looks

When Joanna walks into a room, she commands attention. Standing tall with a rare grace and allure, she immediately captivates. Her swan-like neck and fair complexion evoke a singular thought: royalty. This woman exudes an innate regality that inspired my organic process as a personal stylist.

During our first styling process, we focused on building a capsule collection with just three skirts. Could Joanna wear short dresses and skirts? Absolutely, but it would not be on brand. We picked mid-lengths that would compliment and emphasize her stoic elegance.

The first outfit exudes timeless elegance and effortless sophistication, ideal for both professional and semi-formal settings. The ensemble features a high-neck, cream-coloured sweater, which provides a cozy yet polished look. Its soft texture and relaxed fit offer comfort while maintaining a refined silhouette.

Paired with the sweater is a midi-length, blush-coloured wrap skirt. The skirt’s flowing fabric and subtle draping create a graceful movement, adding a touch of femininity to the outfit. The muted blush tone complements the cream sweater, achieving a harmonious and chic colour palette.

The ensemble is completed with a pair of nude slingback heels. These shoes elongate the legs and add a touch of understated glamour, perfect for maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. The pointed toe and delicate strap detail further enhance the sophisticated vibe of the outfit. Overall, this look combines soft, neutral tones with elegant silhouettes, making it a versatile and stylish choice for various occasions.

We moved forward from this combo adding jewel tones for more contrast. And it worked perfectly.

This skirt right here. The highlight of the outfit is the midi-length Zara satin skirt (click for an alternative), adorned with a mesmerizing abstract watercolour print in earthy tones. The skirt’s silky texture and fluid movement create a dynamic contrast with the sweater’s more structured knit, adding a layer of visual interest and tactile variety. The combination of muted greens, browns, and creams in the skirt harmonizes beautifully with the sweater, creating a cohesive and stylish palette. For additional sophistication, we layered an ecru relaxed fit blazer and paired the skirt with the cashmere sweater from the previous looks.

This outfit epitomizes modern professional chic with a touch of casual comfort, ideal for transitioning seamlessly from the office to a more relaxed setting. The ensemble features a structured, black double-breasted blazer and a matching skirt. Its tailored fit and sharp lines create a commanding presence, embodying confidence and sophistication. Overall, this look combines classic tailoring with contemporary casual elements, resulting in an outfit that is both versatile and stylish. It’s perfect for the modern professional who values comfort without compromising on style.

We went further with the suit and broke it down into other combinations suited both for work and date nights.


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