Easy dress hacks for SHORT-WAISTED silhouettes


If you have a short waist like me, you may face issues with your dresses bulging at the top because of your short waist. As a personal stylist, I learned four hacks to help you overcome this problem.


Firstly, the waistband of your dresses may hit you lower than your natural waist, creating an unflattering silhouette. To deal with this, you can get a thicker waist belt and place it strategically one or two inches above the waistband. This will hide the original waistband and create an optical illusion of a higher waist.

Secondly, most dresses plunge too low under your armpits if you have a short waist. To tackle this problem, you should opt for designs with adjustable spaghetti straps instead of basic ones. Alternatively, you can layer a blazer, a sweater, or a leather jacket if you don’t have adjustable straps.

Thirdly, belt or tie loops can be frustrating for short-waisted people because they hit lower than your natural waist. To control how low or high your tie hits you, you can cut them off.

Lastly, choose dresses with an empire silhouette. An empire waist hits right under your breast, matching your natural high waist. This will help you create a flattering look. Two inches above the waistband will hide the original waistband and create the optical illusion of a higher waist.


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