The ultimate guide to wearing LEGGINGS

I was never a fan of leggings. Particularly because I strongly disagreed with this obsessive practice of wearing them everywhere, on every single occasion. And then I got pregnant. And, ironically leggings became one of my top clothing choices.

Although I still think there are more suitable options for a date night or even a neighbourhood walk on a sunny day, I will step over my own bias and make a case for “lulus”. Here are a few things I learnt when I realized jeans were no longer an option and finally embraced this debatable apparel item.

To start with:

  • Leggings are not pants. Neither jeggings. Acknowledging this basic fact will make your sartorial decision easier from the start. Question if they are appropriate for every single occasion. Trust me, it’s very easy to cross boundaries and slip into the gray “office leggings” area.
  • If you end up wearing leggings to work, always dress them up with a buttoned-up crisp white shirt that is long enough to cover your bottom and cool loafers for an edgy look.
  • Choose the right style for the right occasions. Leggings are generally considered athletic attire and are not to be taken out of the gym or yoga classes. However, there are several athleisure styles that can be included in your casual outfits. Opt for minimalistic designs with no mesh inserts on your hips. To be fair, I think those should be banned altogether.
  • Never wear cropped leggings with dresses and shoes. Large tunics and oversized sweaters are a better option for leggings while opaque tights will always compliment a dress and elongate your silhouette if worn with black solid pumps. 
  • Although casual boots would be the style of your choice when it comes to footwear, you can always pull some nice slingbacks to portrait a 90’s vibe.
  • Choose your leggings carefully and invest in good quality that would not shred or peel after a couple of times. I got this pair from here and could not be happier with the quality after a year of wearing them.