5 TRENDS that will change our style in 2022

Although I am an avid believer in a timeless style and don’t like to follow fashion trends, I admit they are an important indicator of how our lives and the current social and economic circumstances affect our style. It’s hard to speculate on what will be in and out in 2022, but some things will affect how we dress and present ourselves. Here are my style predictions you should keep in mind this year.

Hybrid Business Casual

With working from home and hybrid working styles still normality, we’ll slowly lean towards a more business casual style. Being able to build a functional wardrobe with transitional items is crucial now more than ever. Easy and relaxed cozy sets are still relevant. Make the best out of loungewear by investing in luxurious materials like cashmere or soft alternatives like fleece and cotton.

The New Upcycling

From brands to consumers, we have been exploring the idea of sustainability in the last decade. However, 2022 is bringing a new notion to it. Upcycling is the new cool. Whether we see it being featured on big fashion magazine covers or embraced by major brands like H&M and Farfetch, it is the new way of shopping. Stay tuned, as exciting things are coming to Wardrobe Detectives this Spring.

Monochromatic Utilitarianism

With so many things going on globally, fashion is embracing casual minimalism better. Streets are filled with outfits and style directions rooted in the concept of the early 90’s normcore. Now more than ever, we value comfort over sophistication. The most remarkable thing now seems to be wide relaxed trousers worn with an iconic pair of sneakers like Converse or New Balance.


Feminine Flow

With the resurge of the mini skirt, I am so happy to see a flowy A-line silhouette worn with knee-high boots still available for women like me who prefer a more classic look.

Relaxed Silhouettes Are In To Stay.

Palazzo trousers have such an undeniable elegance to them, but they are also one of my favourite optical illusion tools I use as a stylist to address goals like elongating a petite stature or balancing an apple silhouette with small hips. I am also enjoying the old new relaxed denim look – an upgraded version of the early 2000 straight cuts with a contemporary touch.

photo credit (c) Pinterest

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