Sephora 20% OFF: Shop my favourites

I shop for skincare twice a year, once in November and once in April. There is a good reason why! As I am not a skincare and beauty enthusiast, I know very well what already works for my skin and which are the products I can swear by. I love a good sale to restock on them!

It’s that time of the year when you can enjoy 20% off at Sephora, and I recommend splurging a little and stocking up on your favourite products. It’s also an excellent time to get some early presents for the skincare and beauty junkies in your life. Remember the rule of thumb, never gift skincare products and fragrances unless you are 100% sure your receiver will enjoy them.

Below are my all-time favourite products that I have on my restocking list during the biannual sales. Use code YAYHOLIDAY and enjoy 20% off your purchase.

The Holiday Savings Event is coming with exclusive savings for members! Use code YAYHOLIDAY.
Rouge: 20% off starting 11/5
VIP: 15% off starting 11/9
Insiders: 10% off starting 11/11
All Members: 30% off all Sephora Collection starting 11/5
Valid 11/5 through 11/15