6 WINTER OFFICE OUTFITS for every professional woman

From our experience, we have noticed that there are two main style issues that a professional woman (and not only) might have during the cold season. First one, it is long and unless you have an impressive collection of coats, you get bored of your outwear. Second – you have to wear ugly still warm boots and can’t get out of those dark outfits. With a little bit of inspiration and creativity, you can definitely overcome these “global” problems and change your winter sartorial statement.

We really hope that our suggestions will help you get the right direction and change your perspective on the winter office dressing issue.  If you cannot afford an eclectic outwear collection, invest in a versatile piece like the camel coat we have been talking about here, change your game and bet on what’s underneath. If you hate wearing chunky boots, there is an easy solution for this case. Stop wearing them! Or, at least, wear them on your way to work and put on some nice heels as soon as you arrive. We partnered up with Judith and Charles and Core Shopping to bring you 6 winter office outfits for every profession woman.


Cold weather is not a reason to avoid wearing dresses to work. Choose a thick fabric and replace the classic black with a bold color like this royal emerald. A wool blazer will help you look professional and stay warm. winter office outifts

Never underestimate a turtleneck‘s sartorial value. It is quite a casual piece, but it might as well help you keep warm when worn with a sharp wool pantsuit. Always consider a pair of sexy heels for this look. winter office outifts

A pair of flared jeans and a cozy sweater make the best casual Friday combo. However, keep in mind to avoid chunky oversized knits. A smart layering with a contrasting silk blouse will save any of your cropped sweaters.winter office outifts

Make a fashion statement with a pair of high waisted wide leg sailor pants. Rock them with a geometric black&white silk blouse with a self-tie bow. And the coat? Yes, wear it exactly like that!winter office outfits

We love the idea of straight lines and menswear-inspired elements to an outfit.  A minimalist nude vest will help you elevate a turtleneck & crop pants outfit with no effort.

winter office outfits

Get inspired by some Mad Men 60’s fashion for a chic yet professional outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix up prints and patterns unless you work in an environment that doesn’t allow you to do so. If your office is chilly, wear opaques with matching shoes and a light cardigan.

winter office outfits

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