5 lessons from Kate Middleton’s latest style

From her recent tour in Scotland to video conferences and day-by-day engagements as a working royal, Kate Middleton has not failed to surprise me with her latest sartorial direction. As a personal stylist and image consultant, I am inspired by the work of her own dedicated and talented stylist Natasha Archer, who is behind her every single very well calculated fashion move.

Here is what I learnt from Kate Middleton more recent personal style:

Fashion has once again proven to be one of the best non-verbal communication skills, and PR pros will use it accordingly; for example, the one moment when the future Queen got her Covid test. She was strategically wearing an H&M top that she wore before to project a relatable and modest image. She wore the pristine white top (excellent colour choice) with unusual for her high-waisted mom jeans. It was a perfect way to deliver a message to the younger people to increase the vaccination rate among those demographics. She appeared approachable and relatable, and I think it was a brilliant PR move. 

Unlike Meghan Markle, who sports a more celebrity-like style, Kate Middleton portraits a classic royal image, even when she is off duty wearing casual outfits. She is never too trendy or bold with her choices, which is a perfect reflection of what the Royal Family stands for. Although it might just appear like a natural move, I think it’s her team’s meticulously calculated and trained style.

She makes casual wear and athleisure look polished by wearing simplistic items like a utility jacket or cameo cap with elegant pieces and layerings. Plus, her hair is always impeccable. Looking groomed even when you are off duty, although impossible sometimes, will make a huge difference.


The Duchess of Cambridge has a more elongated torso that she embraces particularly well with style choices fitted for her silhouette. Her outfits are always tailored to perfection and well proportioned.

The Queen of coats proves once again that a well-tailored outerwear piece has the wow factor of an outdoor appearance. Whether you opt for a bold colour or a classic camel, the secret is in the right fit and good proportion. Her winter accessories are also always on point, meticulously paired with the coats she is wearing.

Although it’s a carefully planned act, her style is humble and empathetic. According to Town & Country Magazine, The Duchess met five-year-old Mila Sneddon, a cancer patient featured in Kate’s Hold Still photography bookWhen the pair spoke on the phone, Kate told Mila that she would dress like “a princess” and wear pink when they met. The Duchess kept that promise, arriving at their meeting in this bubblegum ME+EM dress.

Later edit: I added this dress that needs no captions.