5 reasons to follow Queen Letizia’s style

One of the things I ask my clients on our first meeting is to think of someone whose style is inspiring them. When figuring out your own style identity, I think it’s really important to look up to relatable images. Celebrities are a great source of inspiration and with the fast-growing interest in royal fashion, I suggest you take a look at my all-time favourite royal style icon Queen Letizia of Spain. Here are a couple of reasons why I relate to her fashion sense on a very personal level.

  1. She is the queen of midi dresses. A nicely shaped A-line silhouette is the perfect choice for both daytime engagements and cocktail receptions or special occasions.
  2. Although she sticks to her classic style, Queen Letizia is not afraid of trying statement silhouettes like a cape dress or a gorgeous one-shoulder cape jumpsuit. I particularly admire her for the way she embraces menswear silhouettes.
  3. Pointy heels are the best heels. Although the classic nude and black shoes are must-haves in any wardrobe, a bold piton heel is the easiest way to make an impression. I love how Letizia wears her snakeskin heels with powerful solid colours.
  4. She smartly mixes high end with high street pieces. As an ambassador of the Spanish brand Zara, Letizia is an icon of affordable style.  Once again, it’s clear that you don’t have to break the bank to look good.
  5. Unlike Kate Middleton who sports a more conservative and safe style, Letizia adds character and a little bit of edginess to her fashion choices. From piton and leopard prints to over the knee red boots and leather dresses, she knows how to pull an out-of-your-comfort-zone classy image. This is indeed a very effective way to project a powerful and confident image.


Bonus. Polka dots.