The perfect cocktail DRESSES for winter holidays


While many of you know exactly what to wear for the Christmas dinner or the New Year’s Eve party,  others might still need some last minute shopping tips. How to not get overwhelmed while browsing through tons of piles of sparkly dresses. How to look fabulous without spending a fortune on a dress. How to choose a gown that will last throughout the holidays and beyond. We bet all these issues came to your mind at least once. Finding the right piece for the holidays season might be difficult but with the right techniques, it can be extremely easy and stress-free. We hope that our selection of dresses and the tips on how to wear them will help you have the most stylish holidays. 

Make a seductive seasonal statement in a bold tulip dress with a dramatic high cut. Nothing can enhance the holiday spirit better than a vibrant cold emerald in a luxurious texture like velvet. Wear it with eye-catching daring details like a pair of brocade court shoes and fishnet tights to bring this regal shade to life. After all, there can’t be enough exuberance and decadence at a Christmas or a New Year’s Eve party. Be the one to make an entrance!

If you are into sparkles this season but got bored of sequins, opt for a glittery knit jersey instead. A gently flared midi dress with a front and back V-neck will highlight your feminity. Embrace the precious accessory shade of the season. Wear it with gold jewelry and gold glittery shoes after dark.  Less is more, so don’t overload your outfit with a bold lipstick or heavy accessories. 

A layered lace dress with a Victorian-inspired modest high neck will offer you a regal and humble allure. Opt for a fitted transparent top with a flirtatious finish and a layered bohemian bottom for contrast. This wildly romantic dress suggests the idea of an unsolved mystery evoking girliness and a subtle sexy grace at the same time. 

Not a dresses fan? Transform a sleek black tuxedo into the ultimate dress for Holidays. Button it up and wear nothing underneath for a sexy effect. It is a great piece to invest in, a versatile ensemble that will serve you for a long time. As our favorite Porter Magazine once said: “When you talk about style, there are women who dress for men, there are women who dress for other women and there are women who dress for themselves. The last ones wear tuxedos.”

Happy Holidays from Wardrobe Detectives!


Special thanks to Royale Brasserie for hosting us.