Five useful STYLE resolutions for 2017

A day before the New Year’s eve, I spent a few hours in my closet reflecting on my personal style and how I felt about it. It was the perfect timing to say goodbye to those items I had an emotional attachment to but would rarely wear. So I did. Along with the mandatory closet cleaning,  I set up a list of so-called style resolutions for 2017 that could help every woman improve her style.

  1. Clean your closet at least twice a year. Even if we help other women with their closet editing, when it comes to us, it gets really complicated. Admitting that choice was not right for you is really hard. Always have a second opinion on your items. Plan a girls night out at your place like in Sex and City or hire a professional personal stylist to help you clean your wardrobe and make space for items that will really fit you and your personal style. (Contact us for details if you are in Calgary or anywhere in the world. We will help you.)
  2. Practice less impulsive and more conscious shopping. We are constantly exposed to tons of information related to fashion and style nowadays. Media and advertising are pushing on us more than ever to want and to buy. So we do so. Guilty as charged. Think twice before buying something and take advantage of the flexible return policy.
  3. Wear what you buy. Based on our experience, 80 to 90% of women have at least one item that they bought and have never worn. Next time you add a new piece to your closet, try it on with literally everything you already own and return it if you don’t wear it at least once in the first 30 days after your purchase.
  4. Wear only things that represent you and make you feel your best. I like playing with fashion and I always try new styles and new ideas. However, I have to admit this is a risky thing to do sometimes. You can easily fall for items that would look great on you but would not match your personality. If crop pants make you comfortable and confident, make them your staple style and never give up on them for a romantic floral dress. 
  5. Give up lazy dressing. We talk about those moments when you want to put on sophisticated heels but eventually end up wearing your comfort sneakers because “no one will notice”. It is absolutely ok to have them. What is not ok is to slowly transform your style into Miranda Hobbes’ worst fashion moment. Remember those overalls?