The shoe trend you don’t want to miss this summer

This season is all about the elegance of translating seductive evening wear and lingerie elements into casual chic daytime outfits.

Slip dresses made a huge comeback from the 90’s while luxurious fabrics like velvet and fancy feather embellishments are earning a huge style momentum this summer. And there was the Manolo Blahnik Vetements overhyped collaboration that popularized the satin pumps.  Since I am not eager to spend $2000 on a pair of shoes (yes, this is the actual price and the boots are $5000), I decided to look for a more affordable version and I found plenty of good quality options in retail for a decent price point.

The new way of wearing the satin pumps is definitely by taking them out of evening wear and going for an unexpected styling. I could obviously wear these chic beauties with a midi dress, but, as you probably know, contrast is fundamental to my style philosophy. So I decided to opt for distressed denim and a deconstructed masculine shirt to emphasize the sophisticated bow pumps.

PS! You can wear this Zara shirt in three different ways. Literally.