5 STYLE TRICKS for longer slimmer legs

Disclosure. I advocate for body acceptance and self-love. However, I believe there is always a place for improvement that occasionally requires extra effort. Exercising and respecting a decent healthy diet will definitely help you achieve beautiful results in the long run. However, there will always be some style tricks you can use to polish those results.

Today I decided to approach a very personal fashion matter. I have been told several times (insert modesty) that I have “legs for days”. I do not. I am a 5′ 7″ woman with a 9 shoe size. On the rare occasions when I wear flats I look like Popeye’s girlfriend. So I fake it. I fake it till I make it. Here are 5 essential tricks you should use to get longer and slimmer legs:

I love a pair of extra long palazzo trousers worn with platform sandals which are smartly hidden under the floor-grazing hemline. You can use the same easy trick with your favourite flared jeans. The secret is the invisible high platform that will add a few inches to your legs. 

Long, vertical stripes are a slimming pattern that draws the eye up and down. They instantly elongate your body by creating the illusion of height.

You will never go wrong with a higher waistline that will visually extend your silhouette. Don’t forget to balance it down with a blazer to avoid a distorted look. 

Avoid knee-long skirts with a perfectly straight trimming. Instead, choose a wrap tulip skirt with an asymmetric hem. It will reveal more skin and make your gams look longer

Stop wearing almond toe shoes or worse – Mary Janes. There is nothing more flattering than a pointy toe alluring stiletto. A D’Orsay style with a low vamp will expose your foot even more. Nude is the perfect colour for incredible length but you can always replace it with your favourite pattern

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